Starting a Job the Last 3 Weeks of December = Genius

In my last post i mentioned I got a new job and was starting Dec 11th.  I’m not going to bore you with the details but I will say I did not anticipate how great starting a new job in the last 3 weeks of December would be.

Image result for so what would you say you do here

First week is a little training, memorize some stuff, grasp the concept of the new product i’m selling blah blah blah.  After that its wait for the telemarketers to set appointments for me BUT its the end of December, everyone is pretty much checked out and doesn’t want to meet with anyone until the new year.  SO its 3 weeks of sending some emails from the couch, maybe going out to see a few local businesses and waiting for Jan 3 to roll around so I can start to kill it.

The downside is being out of work the last few months i’m broke as fuck and spending a shit ton of money i don’t have on gifts for the family.  That’s a future me problem though so ill figure that one out a few months down the road.

I know I said I would step up the blogging in the last post.  I lied that time……but this time I am telling the truth (maybe).  Time to crack open a bottle of wine, send a few more emails, find some weird shit to write about and ill put something out in a little bit.  Stand by……

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